It started back in the day with me forcing my friends and family to let me take photos of them and eventually developed into my friends and family (and complete strangers) asking me to take photos of them. Over those 20+ years I’ve gone from accidentally cutting off heads and limbs in the frame, to intentionally artistically doing so on purpose. :)

For me, photography is not so much a career choice. It’s more of an extension of myself. I tend to lean towards the introverted side of the spectrum, so my photos are one way for me to express myself and show what I see when I look at the world and people around me. (It’s also a clever way to hide from other peoples’ cameras… Yes, I’m totally camera shy.)

I love taking photos of people most of all: getting to know them, helping them relax and find some confidence in front of the camera, or even forgetting I’m there at all as they have fun with their family.

daniSpeaking being forced to be in front of the camera, these photos of me were taken by the brilliant Brittany — an amazing photographer from Canmore, AB, who forcibly dragged me outside to take these. And I love them, which is just proof that camera shy people need to have their photos taken more often.