“How much do¬† you love me, Holly?” I asked.

“Dani, I would lay down my life for you,” she replied.

I didn’t end up asking for anything quite so dramatic, though some would consider it rather close. Around our feet, we could hear mice squeaking as they scurried through the tumbling green and red Virginia Creeper vines covering over years of moldy dead branches in the abandoned orchard. Everything was wet. As we moved closer to the pile of vines, clouds of tiny bugs wafted around us. It wasn’t pleasant. Yet Holly, who loves me, was willing to carefully drape herself and her cute little dress over the mess — and make it looks like the most natural thing ever.

I suppose she was already damp from having to stand in the middle of dripping wet trees for me…. Oh the things I put my subjects through! It was all worthwhile, though, I’d say. She looks fabulous!




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