This young woman is the sort who you want to adopt the moment you meet her. Small children wish to claim her as their big sister, and older adults, like myself, as a little sister. She’s kind and playful enough to always have time for children (in fact, the more the merrier), yet has the inner strength required to pull her own broken body 150 feet up a snowy highway drop-off (yes, that happened). This is the lady Catherine.

The fog was so thick up the hill this brisk October morning that I had to drive super slow along the winding dirt road, just to avoid smashing into an embankment or missing a turn. Sigur Ros’┬áKveikur made for an appropriate soundtrack for our adventure, and I wanted to check the passing trees for signs of elves or fairy folk. By the time we found a suitable spot to pull safely off the road, we didn’t have too much time to linger over the photos. I can’t say the lack of time did us any harm! (And, I did find an elf in the trees.)


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