The Crowsnest Pass in Alberta is full of stunning beauty. Some of it, like the jaw-dropping Frank Slide, is tragic. ┬áMuch of what you see in the towns, the abandoned mining sites, the heights and crags of the mountains speaks of hard work and hard winters. To contrast that, are their gorgeous and lush green summers. And, of course, the beauty of the region isn’t limited to the scenery. Beautiful people live there. People like Troi, for instance.

As one of my best friends and a fellow photographer, this isn’t close to the first time she’s appeared before my camera. Usually, though, she’s pregnant and/or with her family. While visiting with her this August, I was drawn to the worn and decaying buildings found here and there from old mining operations and suggested we do a shoot. The space we were in was very dark, smelly, and really quite creepy. The last building we found had a strange bunch of weathered sticks arranged and hanging from the ceiling.┬áJuggling childcare, schedules, and a setting sun, I didn’t quite get the time to explore that I would have loved (which just means I must go back and do this again), but what I did get I adore!


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